Class Pricing 

Adult Ballet

Adult Jazz

Drop in fee per class: $17

5 Class Pass: $80

10 Class Pass: $150

Price is the same for in person & virtual.

Class Passes expire 6 months from the date of purchase. 

Youth Ballet

Theatre Jazz

Intermediate Tap

These classes are a monthly payment due the first week of the month. No refunds for missed classes. Classes can not be prorated based on known absences.


Payment Options:

Venmo: Melissa-Hinz

 Apple Pay Cash



Please make checks payable to Melissa Hinz.


Thank you

Class Descriptions

Adult Jazz- 

Class will consist of a warm-up with exercises focusing on the techniques of jazz, ballet, contemporary, and yoga using a variety of fun energetic music. Class will continue with learning choreography in multiple styles.  Students will gain coordination, musicality, strength in body and mind, while enjoying the ability to dance with joy.  For adults of all ages with an adv. beginning level and higher.

Adult Ballet- 

Class will honor ballet traditions with a fresh musical twist.  Strengthen technique, musicality, and performance skills in this fun high energy class with a diversely expressive range of music.  Increase your awareness of safe alignment while creating the beautiful lines and shapes of ballet.  Fore adults of all ages with an adv. beginning level and higher.  Pointe is option and only for those with prior experience.  Come enjoy the beauty, grace, and power of ballet. 

Theatre Jazz -

Theatre dance encompasses all genres of dance. This class is based in the techniques of ballet, jazz, contemporary, and more. It's designed to give the students a taste of what it's like to be a dancer in the theatre business by challenging them to pick up choreography quickly, move seamlessly between styles, and sharpen technique and performance skills. Class will begin with a thorough warm-up with technique, strengthening, & yoga followed by learning choreography.  Be ready to work hard and have fun! For serious dancers in their teenage years.

Youth Ballet- 

Through learning classical ballet, students will strengthen technique, musicality, and awareness of safe alignment.  Ballet will challenge them to achieve grace, balance, great work ethic, and patience with the process.  Performance quality will improve by focusing on dancing all steps with purpose and intention allowing students to communicate with their audience.  This will bring all of their dancing alive with meaning.  For serious dancers in their teenage years.


Tap dancers have the unique opportunity to be musicians and dancers at the same time.  Tap class will begin with a set warm up focused on technique, clarity of sound, musicality, and strengthening the mind and body. Students will gain experience in traditional tap vocabulary through learning and practicing a variety of tap steps, short phrases, tap turns, and choreography using different rhythms supported by a wide range of music. Developing confidence in tap improvisation will support their ability to discover their own tap voice and style. Along the way students will learn about the history of tap and get to see some of the great tap dancers who shaped this multifaceted art form.  For serious dancers from teens to adults of all ages.